#DUPPANDSWAT #CLTisDope | Capacity: Co-Owner

DUPP&SWAT: THE STUDIO is located at 2521 The Plaza and houses retail selections from a variety of designers, mostly local, as well as an ever-changing gallery wall. Additionally, this colorful, creative studio is used for a host of happenings as it morphs into event space, as well.

DUPP&SWAT: THE CONCEPT is located at 1824 Statesville Ave, Ste 109 (Raceway Building @ Camp North End) and operates as a curated gallery where the space transforms every four to six months. Here, the goal is to partner with business entities and/or passionate entrepreneurs to further propel their mission and purpose over the course--including brand-related happenings. {DUPP&SWAT}


#TeamBlkGrlFly | Capacity: Creator

TeamBlkGrlFly is a platform created to highlight and celebrate Black women, encouraging them to show up as their genuine selves in every area, all the time. Via various programming and events, including annuals such as 'A Seat at the Table Awards' (ASATA) and 'The Beauty Standard,' TeamBlkGrlFly is changing the narrative surrounding women of color. {TEAMBLKGRLFLY}

#THESPREADMAG #SPREADThatDope | Capacity: Editor-In-Chief

SPREAD is another ode to expression. This lifestyle magazine embodies a young, vibrant spirit, is quirky-column heavy and filled with graphic visuals and needed nostalgia. In the magazine realm, it's a breath of fresh air and can be found in various markets. {SPREAD}

#CROWNKEEPERS #CLTCreativesMatter | Capacity: Executive Director

CrownKeepers (nonprofit) exists to sustain the arts and creative culture in Charlotte; this is done in a number of ways including: providing art and trade-based education to those lacking creative opportunities and outlets, supporting all-level artists by creating platforms to celebrate their craft(s) and their entrepreneurial initiatives, creating art-filled experiences for the benefit of the public, as well as boldly practicing empowerment across communities. {CrownKeepers}


#NITAANDVITA #FriendsUnfiltered | Capacity: Co-Host

NITA&VITA is a bold talkshow that highlights perspectives from BFF's regarding 'all the things' (aka any and everything is discussed in a very candid manner)! Created by Renita Martin (Nita) and Davita Galloway (Vita), currently in its fourth season, NITA&VITA is chock full of good times, good laughs, complete candor and real news!


#BLACKCOUPLESGO | Capacity: Co-Founder